Aging-in-Place Options


By Myra Katz, President, Aging-In-Place Home Solutions

 In Residences, as in healthcare and other commercial environments:

  • Bacteria grows on surfaces of all kinds.  But there are ways to combat the spread of bacteria even in one’s home.  Here’s an example that won’t break the bank.
  • Consider problems like incontinence.  It’s not just an embarrassment and inconvenience.  Once it gets into the cushion or if the surface is not immediately sanitized, bacteria will grow and odors become offensive.
  • If incontinence is an issue for your loved one, first consider the condition and placement of their favorite chair. The seat should be firm and arms easy to grip to get in and out easily. The slightest struggle to stand up, a cluttered or crooked path to the bathroom can cause an accident.
  • Another solution might be to have a favorite chair reupholstered. There are wonderful upholstery options that look residential and fit into any interior.  This is where the use of anti-microbial upholsteries with a moisture barrier is the best solution and will save money in the long run.  No one would ever know it might include special treatments that last for the life of the fabric.

Furniture and upholsteries don’t have to look institutional:

Please go to Aging In Place Home Solutions website to see examples:

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