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July 7, 2013



St. Louis, Missouri—Mobility for U—St. Louis’ premier wheelchair van rental service provides dignified transportation to seniors and people with disabilities.  Mobility for U is the dream of owner Mike Flotken of St. Louis, Missouri, to establish a dignified quality and reliable method of transporting senior and people with disabilities without relying on an outside vendor’s schedule.  The finest Toyota Sienna Mini Vans, specially equipped with ADA accessories by Braun Ability are available for daily, weekly or longer rental.  Flotken’s concept is designed for simplicity, convenience and economy.  Unlike the usual, unreliable transportation options available in the St. Louis Area, Mobility for U vehicles are rented directly to the end user who use the vans to transport loved ones on their schedule.  The vans are picked up at the Mobility for U office at pre-arranged times and are driven by a family member or friend.  This provides complete freedom without the burden and expense of a long-term purchase.  The vans are rented on an as needed basis.


As an added convenience, Mobility for U can provide other services to accompany the vans.  By partnering with St. Louis’ top names in accessibility equipment, Flotken can equip the vans with wheelchairs, non-medical caregivers, or anything else to make the customer’s experience an enjoyable one.

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A Mobility for U experience can be as simple as a trip to the doctor or grocery store, or can be lengthened to a weekend or longer trip, a short drive in the country, shuttling to a family event such as a wedding or anniversary party.  Flotken’s dream is exactly what the name implies—to provide Mobility to those who don’t readily have it.  And with this Mobility comes a feeling of freedom to those confined to a wheelchair, scooter or nursing home.


Mobility for U is St. Louis’ premier transportation alternative for seniors and people with disabilities, renting wheelchair vans to families for use with their family members.  Contact Mobility for U at (314) 873-6814 or  Discount coupons can be obtained by visiting the website,

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