Elder Care Kirkwood MO – Getting Help

elder care kirkwood moThe wisest thing a family caregiver can do is to know when to get help. This is especially true when the elderly loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia. These diseases affect the brain which controls communication, behavior, speech, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, memory and so forth.

What happens in a family when grandmother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia? Every family member handles it differently. Mom kicks into caregiver mode, dad worries that mom has taken on too much responsibility, the teenagers remember their granny before she started forgetting things, and so they do notice a difference. Little kids still see granny as herself and don’t notice much difference, as long as she can still give her hugs to them.

The primary caregiver that is responsible for the most care may feel burdened and overwhelmed as the disease progresses and the abilities of the loved one diminish. Mom still has children at home to care for. Caregiving becomes a full-time job as time goes by and the elderly loved one can do less and less self-care.

Help must be available

Elderly home care is available on an hourly, daily, or live in basis. When the primary caregiver realizes she can no longer keep up to the demands of home and children and her aging mother, it’s time to call in the back-up. Home care for the elderly provided by a licensed agency is just what mom needs so that she can have peace of mind knowing that her aging mother is getting the best care possible.

The whole family enjoys peace of mind and can have more quality time visiting with granny when she is getting quality care from an elderly health care provider. It takes the burden off the mom of the family, who is already caregiver to her own children.

Sometimes this is a hard decision, to hire someone else to care for your aging parent, when they always cared for you and were there for you. Moms are natural nurturers and want to take care of family members. Sometimes mom forgets to take care of herself, as she becomes so immersed in caring for her husband, the children and now her own mother.

Help is available. There are trained, loving and nurturing caregivers at agencies that provide home care for the elderly. They can come in and take care of granny while mom gets a much-needed break. The family will experience less stress and granny will receive attention and help from a quality home care provider.

For information about how Anchor Health Care can help your family with elder care in Kirkwood MO, call 314-843-6616. We provide quality and affordable senior care for seniors, veterans and the disabled in our community.

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